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COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

employee vaccine thumbs upPhase 2 of the national vaccination program is just around the corner. We know you have questions and concerns. Are the vaccine ingredients safe? Why is there a 15-minute waiting period after I receive my vaccination? Take a look at some of the questions our experts answered to ease some of your worries.

What Every Parent Needs to Know – The HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention

hpv-mom-and-childPhysician Experts: Sarah Hughes, MD, Gynecologist-Oncologist, and Rick Moriarty, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease

If you’re a parent of a preteen or teen, we know you have many questions about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. HPV causes cancer. Cancer can be prevented. The HPV vaccine is the first line of defense against several types of cancers. However, many parents still struggle with the decision to vaccinate their son or daughter, as information about the vaccine can be confusing.