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When Exercise Leads to Injury

foot in ace bandageIf you’re working out on a regular basis, odds are you do it to lead a healthy lifestyle. But what happens when working out leads to injury? Sprains and strains are a common injury for anyone with an active lifestyle. If you play sports, you’ll probably find yourself in the predicament of suffering a sprain or strain from an injury to the muscle, ligaments or tendons. The good news is that they are often easy to treat in mild cases, but it’s also important to know when a mild case of a sprain or strain has become severe enough to require a doctor or urgent care.

What Do Step Ladders and Candles Have in Common?

man on roof hanging lightsIf you aren’t careful, both can result in injury. The holidays are a time for friends, family, and festivities, but they also can be a time for injuries too. Accidents while putting up or taking down decorations top the list during the holiday season, followed by cuts from opening gifts and burns from candles. Be safe this holiday season by following these safety tips from the National Safety Council.

And remember, urgent care is open seven days a week with convenient, walk-in care. View UMass Memorial-affiliated urgent care centers hours and locations.

3 Tips to Avoid Infections in Simple Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts like this might look nasty, but infections make them even worse.Playing outside is a normal part of growing up. Whether your kids are involved in organized sports a few nights a week or they just like to run around in the backyard whenever they can, exercise and fresh air are never terrible options for growing children.

However, some helicopter parents might want to protect their little ones a little too much, and even the idea of simple cuts and scrapes can be enough to make parents want to put a bubble around their kids.

Urgent Care – Available When You Need It

urgent care child in treeA fever, illness or injury can happen at any time. It’s not an emergency, or is it? Where do you go for care?

If you can, speak with your primary care doctor first for the best advice. But if it’s after hours or the weekend, you might traditionally go to your local emergency department for treatment and care. Now you have more choices.