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For Runners: Protect Your Knees During the Cold Winter Days

running outside winterFor those who enjoy running outdoors even during colder days, it’s important to ensure your knees are prepared for winter.

Cold weather tends to make your muscles and joints stiff and tight, which can result in achy and sore knees. For people who already have existing knee problems, outdoor winter running can increase knee pain and lead to possible injury.

Know how to avoid knee pain in the winter by following these tips:

Inspired to Run? Nearly Anyone Can Do It.

running man

Running: You either love it or hate it. Some people find it to be a great health and mental wellness boost, while others feel it’s it too hard, too boring or just too uncomfortable.

But one thing many people can agree on is that a marathon, 5K or a race of any length can be truly inspirational. Seeing hundreds of people running by with numbers pinned to their chests can trigger a “me, too” moment. Though there are certainly important techniques to it, running is something that just about anyone can do if they try.

If you’re inspired to start running—whether a marathon or just a few daily laps around your neighborhood—you need a few things to get going.