For Runners: Protect Your Knees During the Cold Winter Days

running outside winterFor those who enjoy running outdoors even during colder days, it’s important to ensure your knees are prepared for winter.

Cold weather tends to make your muscles and joints stiff and tight, which can result in achy and sore knees. For people who already have existing knee problems, outdoor winter running can increase knee pain and lead to possible injury.

Know how to avoid knee pain in the winter by following these tips:

When Exercise Leads to Injury

foot in ace bandageIf you’re working out on a regular basis, odds are you do it to lead a healthy lifestyle. But what happens when working out leads to injury? Sprains and strains are a common injury for anyone with an active lifestyle. If you play sports, you’ll probably find yourself in the predicament of suffering a sprain or strain from an injury to the muscle, ligaments or tendons. The good news is that they are often easy to treat in mild cases, but it’s also important to know when a mild case of a sprain or strain has become severe enough to require a doctor or urgent care.