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How to Build New Habits and Make Them Stick

2020 checklistMany of us start the new year with a slew of good intentions to adopt better habits like working out regularly and eating healthier meals. And by mid-month, many of us have allowed those good intentions to fall by the wayside.

What gives? Why is it so hard to make these habits stick?

Resolution #1: Quit Smoking

happy new year

“Your success and happiness lies in you.”
-Helen Keller

Ah … the new year has begun and so have the new year’s resolutions. What are you taking on in 2016? Getting a better grasp on your finances? Losing weight? Traveling more? Well, let us give you some support so you can be successful in your resolutions that involve your health. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be touching on some of the common resolutions we make and offering you some food for thought.