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10 Questions to Ask About Joint Replacement

knee pain red kneeHas your knee or hip pain become so painful that you are considering joint replacement surgery? There are many questions to ask your physician as you consider this life altering surgery.

In planning your treatment, your doctor will consider many things, including your age, activity level and general health. If nonsurgical treatment methods, such as medication and physical therapy, don’t relieve your symptoms, your doctor may recommend total joint replacement surgery.

Your doctor and health care team will provide you with information to help you prepare for surgery. Never hesitate to ask questions, but what questions should you ask?

10 Questions to Ask if You’re Thinking About Joint Replacement

knee with ice packYour knees ache. It’s hard to climb the stairs or exercise. The pain in your hip seems to be getting worse. If your doctor says you’re a candidate for joint surgery, you probably have many questions that will determine your decision. Joint replacement surgery is a big decision, one that impacts both you and your caregivers. Your doctor can answer some, but others are more personal. Ask yourself these 10 questions to see if you are ready.