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Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy

veggies in containerHealthy eating should always be a top priority, but when you’re tired it’s easier to choose the chips and chocolate than the complicated meal on Pinterest that needs to be prepared from scratch. Make your life easier, and live healthier with meal preparation. Set aside a day once a week to make prepackaged meals with our tips! This way when you’re hungry, nutrition is as simple as grab and go!

Hearty Vegetarian Chili

hearty_vegetarian_chiliTry this yummy vegetarian version of chili. This recipe was a winner in our Simply Slow Cookin’ contest. Congratulations to Ted Kolota, Marketing and Communications, UMass Memorial Health Care – Hahnemann Campus, Worcester, MA.

Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin

apple_pork_loinThis recipe was a winner in our Simply Slow Cookin’ contest. Congratulations to Colleen Reidy, Heart and Vascular Center, UMass Memorial Medical Center – University Campus, Worcester, MA 

Proper Nutrition Aids in Cancer Recovery

veggies and stock potGuest Bloggers: Mackenzie Souza, RD, LDN, and Elizabeth Lundy, RD, LDN, Dietitians, Cancer Center

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. There’s significant emotional, as well as physical, stress that comes with managing this disease, from receiving a diagnosis, reviewing treatment options, managing medications, and coping with symptoms.

Amid all this, managing nutritional needs can become challenging. There are countless books, news specials, magazine articles, and blog posts about food and cancer. Many of these make sensationalist claims but lack medical proof. It’s a registered dietitian that can help oncology patients and their families integrate good nutrition into their cancer care.