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Eating Through the Holidays

family crafting togetherGuest Blogger: Jennifer Bram, MD, Pediatric Primary Care, UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center

The season of eating your way through Halloween to Valentine’s Day or even Easter is coming upon us with maddening speed. So many celebrations with delicious treats everywhere you look! It’s easy to lose track of your family’s health goals. How can you stay in control?

The Nest Is Not Empty If You Are Still In It

empty next birdsIf you are an “empty nester,” you have perhaps read the title above and think that we have taken a rather literal, or even cynical, approach to your situation. But perhaps this can serve as a cue for you to do the same and, in the end, take advantage of your empty nest syndrome in a way you may have never envisioned before. Own it! And rule the roost!

The Joys of Family Gardening

family gardeningGuest Blogger: Khwaja Hussain, MD, primary care provider

Spring evokes many emotions for any gardener. All the plans made over a year need to be implemented in a burst of activity over just a few weeks. A lot needs to be done, and time is of essence. Looking forward to seeing some of the perennials come back with anxious excitement is like meeting a dear friend. But, some do not come back, especially after a long, cold winter like we just had! This spring was special because we had a family of black-capped chickadees nesting in our front yard. It was a validation for all the hard work that went into our garden.