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The Only Bad CPR Is No CPR

push down to Stayin AliveImmediate bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the single most important factor in the survival of cardiac arrest. Without it, the chances of EMS saving the victims life decrease with every minute. Saving lives Is in your hands.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

man wearing tie Guest Blogger: Katherine Rotker, MD, Urologist

Although it can be a sensitive and private subject, discussing erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t need to be embarrassing. ED is a medical condition that affects more than 18 million men in America. In fact, by their 70s, 60 percent of men will be affected by ED. As a urologist, a doctor who focuses on diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive organs, I am very comfortable having these discussions and helping patients with this condition.