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Eating Habits to Make and Break

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A handful of chips here, a chocolate-covered granola bar there. We’ve all been a little overindulgent when it comes to snacking throughout the day. The busier life gets, the harder it can be to stay healthy, but it’s time to break the unhealthy eating habits and to finally put the cookie down.

Eating During the COVID Crisis

woman shopping with maskDuring this COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining good nutrition can be a challenge. Here are some tips on planning and preparing balanced meals during this time to provide nutrition, satisfaction and, yes, comfort for you and your family.

Dine Out the Healthy Way

Healthy pizza on a plateFor Americans, dining out is a part of life. Whether for convenience or to socialize, it’s something many do on a regular basis. But if you’re trying to manage your diet, it can be challenging to find healthy selections on the menu. These resources and tips will help you stay on track.