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Sex after a heart attack

Let’s face it, sex gets your heart pumping. But if you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or suffered a heart attack, getting your heart pumping isn’t always a good thing. Rest assured though that being diagnosed with a heart condition or having a heart attack doesn’t necessarily mean a life of abstinence.

10 Tips to Manage Your Meds

10 Tips to Manage Your Meds

Not sure you are taking your medications correctly? Managing medication can be difficult, particularly if you are taking several and treating different conditions. Ensure that you’re taking your medicine safely and effectively with these 10 tips.

Seven Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

Reuters Health recezachary drinking juice 2ntly published an article on ways to keep kids hydrated. While the tips are geared to help children stay hydrated, they certainly can be used for adults too. Read these seven tips to ensure you and your kids get the recommended intake of fluids.

Join the conversation. How do you keep yourself hydrated? Do you have any tips or suggestions to add to the list of seven?