Vegan Tofu Scramble

tofu scrambleThe recipe variations are endless. If the below doesn’t suit your fancy, try vegan breakfast sausage, vegan cheddar cheese, or more veggies like tomatoes, red peppers, and spinach.

What Does Your Shoulder Pain Mean?

woman rubbing shoulderHave you recently been in a high impact situation where you hurt your shoulder, from maybe playing a sport or being in an accident? If you have and you start to experience pain and swelling at the top of your shoulder, don’t be quick to write it off.

New Opportunities for a Healthier New Year

this is your yearThe new year is an exciting time for fresh starts and new beginnings. But how many of us come up with a list of resolutions and successfully implement them? Probably not many. Maybe they are too complicated or too big to know where to start? We offer some unique resolutions to try and a few ways to ensure you carry them out.