Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy

veggies in containerHealthy eating should always be a top priority, but when you’re tired it’s easier to choose the chips and chocolate than the complicated meal on Pinterest that needs to be prepared from scratch. Make your life easier, and live healthier with meal preparation. Set aside a day once a week to make prepackaged meals with our tips! This way when you’re hungry, nutrition is as simple as grab and go!

Hearty Vegetarian Chili

hearty_vegetarian_chiliTry this yummy vegetarian version of chili. This recipe was a winner in our Simply Slow Cookin’ contest. Congratulations to Ted Kolota, Marketing and Communications, UMass Memorial Health Care – Hahnemann Campus, Worcester, MA.

Have a Very, Merry Mindful Holiday

mindfull mind full holidaysGuest Blogger: Patti Holland, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher, Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year offers so much … as does every moment really. For many people, this can be a festive time spent with family and friends. For some, however, this can be a time of heightened loneliness. And for most of us, what is intended as a time of joy and celebration can quickly become one of overwhelm and stress. We may go between thoughts of too much (to do, to cook, too many people in this house!) or too little (money, time, patience, no one in the house). We may find ourselves riding one wave of emotion after another. Excitement gives way to exhaustion, joy gives way to sadness.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

50 Ways to Be Kind

It doesn’t take much to be kind. Here are 50 ideas. How many of them do you do? Share other ideas in the comment section.

  1. Fill parking meters. It’s a simple act. Kids love thinking they are helping someone, and it never costs much.
  2. Saying please and thank you are a great start.
  3. Listen and assume heartfelt understanding.