Speak for Yourself! Self-Advocacy in Health Care

patient safety building blocksThe health care system can be overwhelming to navigate and often exhausting. The diagnosis process can be physically and emotionally stressful, while waiting for results can be frustrating and anxiety-provoking. You should be empowered by your hospital to advocate for yourself and family when discussing care plans.

Why Heart Failure Patients Need to Know About CardioMEMS

grandson's birthday partyYou’re sitting on the couch with swollen feet. You’ve been coughing more lately, and you seem more tired this week. Your appointment with your heart failure (HF) specialist is still three weeks away; but something just doesn’t feel right.

You head to the bedroom to lie down and put your head on the pillow, but the pillow isn’t just an everyday pillow you get from the store. This pillow came from your cardiologist.