COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

employee vaccine thumbs upPhase 2 of the national vaccination program is just around the corner. We know you have questions and concerns. Are the vaccine ingredients safe? Why is there a 15-minute waiting period after I receive my vaccination? Take a look at some of the questions our experts answered to ease some of your worries.

A Message From Your Body: Too Much Stress on This Joint!

woman with achy armHave you ever tried to teach your middle schooler how to pitch a fastball only to become very sore? Or have you scrubbed a pot or spent the afternoon in the garden and then felt achy? You could have tendonitis. This happens when there is too much stress on joints, which can tear and inflame tendons. The bad news is that it hurts. The good news is that you can prevent and treat it. Learn the best ways to treat and prevent tendonitis.

Prenatal Care and Healthy Beginnings

woman and positive pregnancy testWhether you’re getting ready to have your first baby or your fourth, receiving regular care while pregnant is vital to your baby’s health and your own.

Regular visits to your obstetric care provider will help ensure your baby is growing well and healthy in utero, and help manage any issues that may arise before they become serious.