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The Nest Is Not Empty If You Are Still In It

empty next birdsIf you are an “empty nester,” you have perhaps read the title above and think that we have taken a rather literal, or even cynical, approach to your situation. But perhaps this can serve as a cue for you to do the same and, in the end, take advantage of your empty nest syndrome in a way you may have never envisioned before. Own it! And rule the roost!

Have a Chronic Migraine? Read This!

woman with migraineWhat gives you a migraine? For that matter, what gives you a chronic migraine? Just from reading the previous two sentences about migraines, you might already be developing one. Should that be the case, read on and by the end of this post you will have a much clearer idea of what you can do to lessen, and maybe eliminate, that insanely irritating migraine pain!