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Too Much of a Good Thing? Fortified Cereal Could Pose Risk to Kids

Child eating cerealCereal can be a nutritious and easy option for parents looking for a quick breakfast during the morning rush to get kids ready for the day. But how do you choose the “right” cereal?

Navigating the cereal aisle of the grocery store can be a daunting task for even the savviest shopper. Breakfast cereals can contain not only large quantities of sugar but also vitamins and minerals added during the fortification process to make the product appear more nutritious.

Seven Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

Reuters Health recezachary drinking juice 2ntly published an article on ways to keep kids hydrated. While the tips are geared to help children stay hydrated, they certainly can be used for adults too. Read these seven tips to ensure you and your kids get the recommended intake of fluids.

Join the conversation. How do you keep yourself hydrated? Do you have any tips or suggestions to add to the list of seven?