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Teaching Diversity and Inclusion to Our Children

black boy and white kids at lunch

Racial justice was one of the most covered topics in the media in 2020. The widespread demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement were something we haven’t seen since the events of the 1960s that denounced racial segregation and elevated attention to civil rights. These activities may have sparked some important and uncomfortable conversations in your home. So how do you react when your children start asking the tough questions? You talk about it.

Lowering the Lousy Cholesterol

oatmeal in a heart box with fruitYou’ve learned that particular foods can be reduced or eliminated to lower your low-density lipoprotein, aka LDL, the lousy cholesterol. When your LDL is high, it’s believed to increase the risk of heart disease. We now know that along with reducing certain foods that there are many foods, when increased, that help achieve good cholesterol levels. Learn about the foods and other strategies to lower your lousy cholesterol, and be reminded about the foods you need to avoid.

Prenatal Care and Healthy Beginnings

woman and positive pregnancy testWhether you’re getting ready to have your first baby or your fourth, receiving regular care while pregnant is vital to your baby’s health and your own.

Regular visits to your obstetric care provider will help ensure your baby is growing well and healthy in utero, and help manage any issues that may arise before they become serious.