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The Polls are Open – Vote for Your Favorite Salad Today!

Simply Salad VotingThe salads were made. The recipes were submitted. The Simply Well team and our clinical dietitians have narrowed our staff submissions down to the top 24 salads based on creativity, nutritional value and taste. Now it’s time for you to vote on the top 12. Winners will be featured in our 2016 Simply Salads Calendar. Vote on your favorite today. Polls close on October 16. Vote today!

Tips for Shopping at the Farmers Market

Are some products at farmers markets better than others? Is there a benefit to buying native products like corn or honey? Are farmers markets fruits and vegetables as good as fresh produce in grocery stores? What should you look for regarding nutrition when shopping at a farmers market?

In the video below, UMass Memorial clinical dietician Maisie Ostrye answers these questions, providing advice for your next visit to the farmers market.

The Joys of Family Gardening

family gardeningGuest Blogger: Khwaja Hussain, MD, primary care provider

Spring evokes many emotions for any gardener. All the plans made over a year need to be implemented in a burst of activity over just a few weeks. A lot needs to be done, and time is of essence. Looking forward to seeing some of the perennials come back with anxious excitement is like meeting a dear friend. But, some do not come back, especially after a long, cold winter like we just had! This spring was special because we had a family of black-capped chickadees nesting in our front yard. It was a validation for all the hard work that went into our garden.