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Join a Wave of Thanks, Friday, April 10, at Noon

At noon on Friday, April 10, we’re asking our followers to create a wave of thanks for fighting COVID-19 by sharing Chris Mann’s #ThankUfrontline video, which features medical caregivers, farmers, civil service employees, grocery clerks, teachers, our military and more. Include #UMassMemorialStrength and tag your coworkers or loved ones who leave the security of their homes to keep essential services and our ​communities up and running.

Easing the Symptoms of COVID-19

Many individuals experiencing mild COVID-19 symptoms are advised to stay at home and practice self-care measures until symptoms subside. Which over-the-counter medicine and home remedies help with a fever? Are dry and wet coughs treated differently? What’s this we’re hearing about losing the ability to taste or smell? And what symptoms indicate that a higher level of medical attention is needed? As always, your primary caregiver is your number one resource for medical information and advice, but UMass Memorial Health Care offers these tips to help you feel better soon.

Can Hectic and Healthy Go Hand in Hand?

busy mom with baby

For people who are always on the run, it may be difficult to find a quick healthy lunch or breakfast you can take on the go. It’s especially difficult when your job has plenty of fast food or takeout options nearby. The thing is, a lot of us who don’t make healthy decisions want to make them … we just don’t feel we have the time or energy. Many of us go to sleep thinking, “Tomorrow I’ll be healthy and pack a lunch,” and when morning time comes around, will-power goes out the window.