Eating Habits to Make and Break

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A handful of chips here, a chocolate-covered granola bar there. We’ve all been a little overindulgent when it comes to snacking throughout the day. The busier life gets, the harder it can be to stay healthy, but it’s time to break the unhealthy eating habits and to finally put the cookie down.

Break These Eating Habits

Stress Eating– We’ve all done it. At the end of a long and sometimes emotional day, all we want to do is curl up with some ice cream or whatever junk food suites your fancy. Instead of eating (even if it’s healthy), try something to resolve the root problem (stress), like deep breathing or a hands-on activity.

Eating on the go– Busy schedules are tough. If you forget to make time in the day for lunch you may find yourself hitting the closest drive-through for a burger. Try to prepare your meal the night before. That way you don’t find yourself sitting in line at the closest fast food joint.

Don’t multitask when you eat– You’re more likely to overeat when you’re multitasking. Stop the task at hand, whether it be working, reading or watching TV. Grab your snack or meal, and enjoy and savor each bite as you eat mindfully. Focus on the taste and texture of each bite. Let your mind focus on the single task of eating.

Eating fast– Sometimes it’s hard to fit in a full half-hour lunch break into your day. Just like the last point, eating fast can cause you to overeat because you’re not giving your body enough time to decide whether you’ve had enough. It can also be the cause of an upset stomach.

Boredom eating– Are you hungry or are you just bored? Instead of taking the chips out, try entertaining yourself with your favorite hobby. Once the hobby has you occupied, you’re likely to forget you were ever “hungry.”

Forbidden foods– Sometimes when you try to eat healthily you tell yourself you can never have cookies. Turns out the more you tell yourself you can’t have cookies, the more you crave them. You can have the cookie, but just a small portion and only every now and then. And eat them mindfully to increase satisfaction.

Make These Eating Habits

  • Take smaller bites of food to slow down and appreciate the food you have.
  • Start your day off with a healthy breakfast, and set the initiative for the day early on.
  • Try having fruit to experience something sweet while also fueling your body with healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t buy unhealthy food. If it’s not in the house, you won’t be tempted to eat it.
  • Set aside time every day to eat without being rushed.

Join the Conversation. Which of these unhealthy habits are you going to try to incorporate? Do have other suggestions to share with readers?




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