New Opportunities for a Healthier New Year

this is your yearThe new year is an exciting time for fresh starts and new beginnings. But how many of us come up with a list of resolutions and successfully implement them? Probably not many. Maybe they are too complicated or too big to know where to start? We offer some unique resolutions to try and a few ways to ensure you carry them out.

Here are some ideas you may not have thought to try:

To start and maintain a new routine:

  • Figure out what needs to be in your routine.
  • Set small goals. Try just one new opportunity.
  • Lay out a plan. Write it down.
  • Be consistent over time. Put it in your calendar. Make the time.
  • Be prepared.
  • Make it fun. Try a new activity. Ask a friend to join you.
  • Track your progress.
  • Reward yourself.

Join the conversation. What new opportunities will you find in the new year?

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