Got a Cold? Try a Homemade Tea

tissues and teaIt’s the season for the common cold to bring us down. Even worse, it’s flu season, which can leave you in bed for days. First, lets’ talk prevention – learn six ways to boost your immune system. However, if you start to feel that little scratch in your throat and want to tackle your cold or the flu head on, or if you’re already stuck on the couch, try these few steps to ease the symptoms.

  • Try a homemade tea.
      • 4 c. water
      • 1 apple, chopped
      • 1 inch of ginger root
      • 1 inch of turmeric root (or 1 t turmeric powder)
      • 2 T honey

Boil all ingredients except honey for about 20 minutes. Add honey at the end. You can reuse the boiled ingredients for another batch of tea.

  • Eat nutritious, healthy foods. Food is very important when it comes to healing our bodies. Eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. These nutritious foods will keep you energized and will help fight your cold or flu. Avoid dairy, as it causes mucus buildup.
  • Blow your runny nose. This may seem like a simple remedy, however, it’s important to blow your runny nose instead of trying to sniff it away. Remember a runny nose means your body is trying to get rid of the virus. If your nose is blocked, try a saline nasal spray or splash warm water into your nose.
  • Gargle warm salt water. Gargle warm salt water at least twice a day to kill any bacteria in your throat and prevent bacteria from building up.
  • Fill the humidifier. Keep a humidifier next to you throughout the day and especially when going to bed. Keeping moist air around you will help sooth your throat.

A runny nose and sore throat are simple enough to treat, but what if it’s more than just the common cold? Should you go to your medicine cabinet, to your doctor or to the local urgent care center? Our blog post, Colds: Stay Home or See a Doctor, can help you decide.

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  1. March 21, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    I got a terrible cold due to the oncoming spring weather. This was wonderful to read! Thanks!

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