New Food Labels Show What We Are Really Eating

new nutrition labelIn the coming years, you’ll begin to notice changes on the nutrition fact labels on cans, boxes and packages. From milk to flour, from potato chips to baked beans, the new changes make it easier for you to be better informed about food choices by clearly knowing what and how much you are really eating. Additionally, the labels reflect new scientific information, such as the link between your diet and diseases like obesity. Read more about the benefits of the new labels.

nutrition label

  2 comments for “New Food Labels Show What We Are Really Eating

  1. Ginny Babin
    December 13, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    If the new food labels are to help with the disease of obesity, as is put forward in the article, I assume the FDA would like to help with Diabetes too. Why aren’t labels going to highlight Carbohydrate counts? These are what doctors have patients count when they have diabetes.

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