Swing Away Those Tennis Injuries

tennis racketHave you ever been injured from playing tennis and wondered how you can avoid being injured in the future? Tennis can be both a low- and high- impact sport, which means that injuries may still occur. Check out the five most common injuries that affect tennis players.

  1. Tennis elbow – This is the swelling of the tendons that make your wrist bend backward away from your palm. Tennis elbow can bring pain because of improper backhand stroke, weak muscles or incorrect tennis racket use.
  2. Rotator cuff tear – This is an injury that can happen suddenly when falling on an outstretched hand. The rotator cuff is made of muscles and tendons that keep your shoulder where it should be.
  3. Stress fractures – These small breaks in the bones often occur in the lower legs and feet.
  4. Patellar tendonitis (aka jumper’s knee) – This is caused by inflammation of the patellar tendon. Patellar tendonitis is often a result of excessive jumping.
  5. Ankle sprain – Occurs when the ligaments are stretched too much. Ankle sprains can happen from sports that involve running or jumping.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons suggests four ways tennis players can avoid an injury from occurring:

  1. Wear proper gear, including supportive shoes and socks.
  2. Use correct technique and balance body weight. Be sure not to land on the balls of your feet while jumping. Protect your back by bending with your knees. Work with an instructor on proper form.
  3. Stretch before you play to help prevent injury and improve your game. Stretch for at least three to five minutes by running in place, doing jumping jacks, lunges, etc.
  4. Rest and don’t push yourself too hard. You must know your body when it’s asking for a break.

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