Plan a Healthy Thanksgiving from Start to Finish

thanksgiving dinnerIt’s that time of year again. We’re all looking forward to the holidays but not to the inevitable weight we put on while celebrating. But does it really have to be inevitable? These tips can help get you through the holidays, enjoying time with your family and friends with a lot less guilt and extra pounds.

When You Wake Up

We all want to think that by saving our appetite for the big Thanksgiving meal is the best idea, it can cause you to eat more calories later on. By the time it comes to the big meal, you’ll be starving and end up eating much more than you would have otherwise. Starting your day with a low-calorie breakfast that includes protein, you’ll be able to curb your appetite and enjoy your meal rather than stuffing yourself to fill the void.

In the Morning

Eat your pumpkin pie without guilt by working out the morning of your dinner. Some people spend all morning relaxing or getting ready for their holiday feast, but why not start an activity challenge? Find a local 5k run or take part in a Turkey Trot! There are even runs for kids! Have fun and get dressed up in some turkey themed outfits to start of your Thanksgiving celebration. You can also try out your local gym and see if they’re hosting a fun thanksgiving workout. How about a game of touch football in the yard? Holidays are more fun with traditions, and what better tradition than promoting a healthy lifestyle? Visit this website to find a 5k near you!

When You Cook

Most recipes contain unnecessary amounts of fat and sugar. To make your recipes healthier, try cutting back on the amount of oil, butter, and sugar that is put into your recipe, or find a healthier substitute. Check out this website for a list of foods you can substitute in your recipe!

Time to Eat!

When it comes time to eat, think portion control. Look at all your options before you start putting food on your plate. Pick out your favorite foods and eat those in moderation. Skip foods that you can have any time of the year. Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, so celebrate by eating the foods that only come around during the holidays.

Try to avoid seconds. Give yourself time to digest, and you may find that you really aren’t hungry any more. Remember, you still have dessert to enjoy, so save those Thanksgiving leftovers for the next day when they will taste even better.

Before Dessert

Thanksgiving is an all-day event with your family, so don’t rush through it. Savor the flavor, and as much as you may want to dive into dessert, take a break. Go out for a walk with the whole family, or gather around to watch a family movie. Once you’ve all digested a little bit, it’s time to bring out the desserts!

Join the conversation. What’s your favorite healthy recipe that you’ll be using this holiday season?

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