The Stand (Not by Stephen King)

standing at deskWe have all heard the phrase, “Stand up for what you believe in.” As important as these words are for conducting one’s own life, we can create just as vital words of wisdom by tweaking this expression and instead saying, “Stand up for healthy living.” It’s just as catchy to say, but what makes it powerful is the data that shows the value of taking time to literally stand up! So, the next time your boss catches you roaming the halls and not at your desk, simply tell him/her that you are fueling up to be more productive than you have ever been before. Don’t think of it so much as standing up to your boss, but more as standing up for your boss. All that time we spend sitting down during the day with no exercise can be offset by taking small breaks of standing in between. So, be sure to set aside time in the day to recharge your system. And, to use another famous phrase, take a stand!!!

Look at these tips to help you live long and posture.

Join the conversation. What else can you do to get moving throughout your day while at work or at your home office?

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