10 Ways to Find “You” Time to Celebrate Mother’s Day All Year

me time wish listToday’s busy mothers would be the first to say the one thing they’d like more of is “me” time. In celebration of all moms who put others’ needs before their own, here are 10 ways you can create precious time for yourself to celebrate your Mother’s Day all year long.

  1. Get over the guilt. This is your first step. Being a good mother doesn’t mean just making sacrifices but also giving of yourself to your children and others. Strive for the well-rounded, happy life you want that’s manageable and full of positive experiences.
  2. Cut back on multitasking habits. By focusing on one activity at a time, you’re more apt to follow through and complete tasks, and pay attention to what’s most important. Strike the right balance for you and family time by ensuring it’s quality time. See tips on making most of family moments.
  3. Put yourself on the family schedule. Between home, work and other commitments, make sure your plans are included on the family schedule. Work out how to fit in your priorities – such as getting your sleep, exercising regularly and including socializing time. Maybe mornings are the best time to work out and evenings, once the kids are settled in, to work on special projects.
  4. Make a wish list. Jot down all the activities you want to add into your life – both long- and short-term. Order them based on importance and how to build into your schedule.
  5. Think like a project manager. Determine what you can delegate, outsource, eliminate or downsize. For example, ask for help around the house or hire a housekeeper to help with spring cleaning. Invite your parents/in-laws or hire a sitter to spend one night a week with your kids.
  6. Assess your kids’ schedules. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of commitments they have, they’re likely feeling the same way. Talk with them to see if they need to modify activities.
  7. Change household habits to save time. Figure out how you can streamline and simplify your household chores. Find ways to spend less time cooking, cleaning and organizing. See time-saving tips for working parents.
  8. Manage your distractions. What daily distractions eat away your precious time? Social media? Watching TV? Checking email? You don’t have to give these up but maybe it’s time to adjust your activities. Check personal email and Facebook once or twice a day, and watch only your favorite TV shows.
  9. Post your schedule. It’s important to commit to the time you have allocated to yourself. Make your plans very transparent to your family – even if it requires posting your schedule on the refrigerator and adding activities to your and hubby’s calendars.
  10. Stay on track. Face it, life is messy, and there will be times your new schedule will play second fiddle to a work deadline or your family. Be patient, persevere and be flexible. So your 30-minute walk turns into 20; or your movie and dinner date with friends ends up being just drinks. Just remember: Don’t let yourself to fall back into your old habits. Enjoy your new “you” time!

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