10 Lunchbox Snacks Your Kids Won’t Trade

grape and toothpick funYour child comes home with the same lunch you packed him earlier that day. That’s frustrating. It’s amazing what some cookie cutters and toothpicks can do. Here are 10 lunchbox snacks your kids won’t trade.

  1. Use cookie cutters to make fun-shaped sandwiches (without the crusts).
  2. Send some grapes and toothpicks to school so your child can build a masterpiece before eating it.
  3. Cookie cutters can also be used to cut up fruit and cheese for a fruit kabob.
  4. Homemade applesauce: Peel and cut some apples. Drop them in a pan on the stove. Heat until soft and you are able to mush them up a bit. You can always throw a pear, strawberries or other fruit in the pan too. No water or sugar needed.
  5. Rocky Road: Break a graham cracker into bite-size pieces. Add to low-fat chocolate pudding along with a few miniature marshmallows (eatright.org).
  6. Popcorn: Sprinkle with parmesan cheese, cinnamon sugar, toppings from macaroni and cheese or Ramen noodles, hot chocolate mix.
  7. Mix together pretzels, Craisins, yogurt covered raisins, dried banana chips and chocolate chips
  8. Blend ½ banana, five frozen strawberries, a small amount of honey, one cup orange juice and one cup pineapple juice for a healthy drink. Keep it cold until snack time.
  9. Toast a waffle. Top with low-fat cream cheese and sliced strawberries, bananas and peanut butter, or a scrambled egg and slice of bacon.  The possibilities are endless.
  10. Try a mini sandwich assembly line. The base is a cracker. Pack toppings such as slice of cheese, tuna and tomato; hummus, shredded carrots and an olive; mayo, turkey and pickles.

These websites have some great ideas too.


Share your cool lunchbox ideas. What do your kids like to see in their lunches?

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  1. September 2, 2014 at 9:03 am

    Lots of recipes with Kale-I may just have to try that. I love Iowa and Nevada too. Thanks for the comment.

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