Make Memories with Your Grandchildren

Bonding with PapaOf the more than 56 million grandparents in the U.S., about half live more than 200 miles from their grandchildren. Are you in that group? Then you know that distance creates a challenge for families who want to have a strong bond between your and your grandchildren. Even families that live close to each other may want to find ways to form better connections between the generations.

Summer is the perfect time to spend quality time and make memories with your grand kids. Look for outdoor activities that you can both enjoy.

Share hobbies. If your grandchildren have particular interests, find a way to share those interests with them, and don’t be shy about sharing your own activities. Even if they don’t fall in love with your hobby immediately, you are enriching their lives by letting them know that adults have their own passions, too. Sharing recipes in a family that loves to cook or keeping track of the birds or plants you both have seen are among the ways to include hobbies in your relationship.

Follow sports.  Worcester and our surrounding region offer a wide variety of sports options. If you love baseball, the Worcester Bravehearts have an active schedule this summer, or travel down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, for a great family night watching the Paw Sox play ball. Whether you create a fantasy sports league or simply share texts and tweets while watching a big game, following sports together is a lasting bond. If your grandchildren participate in sports, find ways to watch their games, in person whenever possible or through videos that your children take for you.

Visit the zoo. Mendon features the Southwick Zoo,  a 300-acre adventure that is home to more than 100 species from all over the world. Or closer to the city, spend a day at the Ecotarium, a unique indoor-outdoor museum that highlights science and nature. Your grand kids will love it!

Bay State Parent, an award-winning parenting publication, offers an extensive listing of events in and around Central Massachusetts.

Join the conversation. How do you bond with your grand kids? Share your tips, plans and ideas for a summer filled with laughter and love.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 9, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Great article! Wish I lived closer to my grandson

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