The Heart Benefit of Berries

berry heartsThe sweet strawberry, the perfect bite-sized blueberry, the luscious raspberry—these palate-pleasing fruits are bursting with flavor. And something more: They contain anthocyanin—a potential heart-protecting chemical. In this 3-minute podcast, you’ll learn more about the heart benefit of berries.

February is American Heart Month. Enjoy several posts this month to help you keep your heart healthy. Remember: National Wear Red Day is February 6.

Hitting the Slopes? Is Your Body Ready?

safety on the slopesIt’s the time of year to hit the slopes. Whether you are skiing (downhill or cross country) or snowboarding, they are exhilarating activities and great workouts which strengthen the bone and tone your muscles, and are great for your heart too. Now is the time to prepare your body for the rigors of these strenuous winter sports with some pre-skiing and pre-snowboarding exercises and safety tips from Brian Busconi, MD, Chief, Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.

Here’s an incentive to stay safe when on the slopes.Take a selfie or photo with one our UMass Memorial Medical Center Know the Code signs and share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #mysafetyselfie.


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