Take Charge of Your Heart Health

Spring-Seminars-widgetIf you had the chance to ask some general heart health questions to a physician without an appointment, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? If you, your friend or family member had heart disease, wouldn’t you want to know ways to prevent it? If given the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies UMass Memorial Medical Center is using to fight heart disease, wouldn’t you want to arm yourself with information?

Inspired to Run? Nearly Anyone Can Do It.

running man

Running: You either love it or hate it. Some people find it to be a great health and mental wellness boost, while others feel it’s it too hard, too boring or just too uncomfortable.

But one thing many people can agree on is that a marathon, 5K or a race of any length can be truly inspirational. Seeing hundreds of people running by with numbers pinned to their chests can trigger a “me, too” moment. Though there are certainly important techniques to it, running is something that just about anyone can do if they try.

If you’re inspired to start running—whether a marathon or just a few daily laps around your neighborhood—you need a few things to get going.

10 Questions to Ask if You’re Thinking About Joint Replacement

knee with ice packYour knees ache. It’s hard to climb the stairs or exercise. The pain in your hip seems to be getting worse. If your doctor says you’re a candidate for joint surgery, you probably have many questions that will determine your decision. Joint replacement surgery is a big decision, one that impacts both you and your caregivers. Your doctor can answer some, but others are more personal. Ask yourself these 10 questions to see if you are ready.

Attend a free educational seminar on joint replacement on May 4.
Register: call 855-UMASS-MD or
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